Sunday, May 13, 2018

our trip to K1

G5 Visit to K1

On may 8, 2018 Ms Angela’s Grade five class went on a little trip to K1. They walked there from the
grade 5 classrooms. It was a very hot day and they felt like they were inside of a volcano

First , in the classroom of K1 we sang the “open and close” song to get us ready to listen. It went like
this “open shut them, open shut them give a little clap. Open shut them open shut them put them in
your lap” that was the first verse we were opening and shutting our hands in time to the music.

After that, we read a little story called ‘who sank the boat?’ in that story there were some animals that
all lived near each other. One day, they all decided to go for a boat ride. They all got on one at a time,
though at the end the boat sank. And we were trying to figure out who sank the boat. At the end, we
realized it was ALL of them who sank the boat because there was too many people.

Next, we sang the green speckled frog song. I was about 5 green speckled frogs sitting on a log. Then,
one by one they jumped into a pool. This was all about counting down from five during our math lesson.

Finally, we were allowed to go around the classroom picking out things from one to ten and taking
photos of each number. When we had finished that, we had complete free time until we had to go
to music class.

In conclusion, I think the trip to K1 was pretty fun and helped us experience the transition from
K1 to grade 5.

Monday, March 26, 2018

the art show reflection

this is my response to the grade 12 Art Show:

Art Show๐Ÿ–Œ

In the art show, there were many beautiful pieces of art that 8 kids made to represent different things in the world. There were painted pots with scenes about what could or had happened in the world and paintings of cultures of many different countries. There was even a setup of someone's bedroom!

First, me and a few friends went and saw a painting of a cat with a mans face. most actually quite liked that one. All the paintings were arranged in rows and the bedroom setup had its own booth room. It was pretty cool, though some people probably thought it was  creepy

Another one that was interesting was a small statue that looked like a woman that was once relaxing but had been turned into a statue and then cut into two pieces at that waist or the other way around. It was thought that most thought this was cool because you could see what position she had been in before turned to stone.

A lot of people liked the bedroom setup too it had a matress, a TV and a projector seems like the person who created this really like technology. In that room, there was also what looked like a body suit but actually made out of makeshift skin (i’m not sure what it was for). The mattress had a lot of colorful pom poms on it. Most thought this was quite amazing.

In conclusion, i think the art show was super cool and interesting. I also think that many people have that same opinion that I have. It was cool that all the pictures have different meanings most had meanings of war and destruction but all for different reasons.

Monday, February 12, 2018

stars or clouds?

Which is better stars or clouds?

Two items people love but most are torn trying to decide which one is better, many think ‘stars are awesome!’ but Many also think ‘clouds are the most amazing!’ but to be honest mostly the people are torn in two trying to decide which is the best.

People think clouds are better because they can give you cool shade on most hot days. That way you won’t BURN to death when it is over 70 degrees on the boring school day in the beginning of summer.

Also clouds are good because you can look at them and maybe judge the weather. What happens is you just sitting there. You think it’s going to rain. You think “hey! Let’s look at the clouds to make sure๐Ÿ˜ƒ”  you look the clouds are big and grey. It will probably rain.

However many also think stars are better because in TONS of old tales and legends stars light their way back to where they need to be, like home from work,to a friends house, or your house from a friends house and lots of different things.

People also think stars are better because you can make stories out of them by looking at constellations. Most people do this when they are camping. It usually works before bed (mostly in the dessert).

In conclusion, it is my decision that stars are better than clouds. I’m not saying you cant like clouds, it’s just that i like them better. Thanks for reading!!!!๐ŸŒŸ

fraction do's and dont's

fraction do's and dont's 

1. false because they added the denominators and not the numerators

2. false because they added both the numerators and the denominator and you are not supposed to add the denominators

3. true because they converted the half into 2/4 and THEN added the 1/4 which is what you are supposed to do 

4. false because they multiplied both the numerators and the denominators

5. well, you cant actually see the numerators so i cant answer but it is probably wrong because they multiplied they denominators

Thursday, January 11, 2018



i liked democracy best because everyone had a say and there was more than one ruler in the goverment 

day 4

Day 4 Reflection  
A democracy means... there is a group of people that rule over the contrary and make the rules together
In a democracy the citizens have to... obey the group of people that rule
The government has to... create new rules and say in meetings
A democracy is successful if/when... all the people agree to the new goverment
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel… HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
I would change… NOTHING!!!!!
I would keep... EVERYTHING!!!!
A color I would choose to represent democracy would be...
A symbol I would choose to represent democracy would be...
An image I would choose to represent democracy would be...

our trip to K1